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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

'Fiber Therapy'

Is it Wednesday already ?? Could have sworn that it was Monday again. Between home and office computer/internet problems -- the days of this week have become a blur.

But, I won't let it get me down because I've had 'therapy'

Saturday I ran away from home for a few hours (with Hubby's blessing). After the sleet event of last week I needed some fiber 'therapy'. A quick call to my BFF, Jane -- and we were off to one of our local yarn shops. And, even though we managed to fondle/pet almost every skein of yarn in that shop -- we decided further 'therapy' was needed -- which led us to another yarn shop. With all that 'therapy' & 'shop hopping' I just had to bring some yarn (and yarn related goodies) home with me.

  • Dark maroon chunky yarn to make a hat (a 'Chunky Knit Beanie', pattern by 'a friend to knit with' -- I've already knit one in a couple of hours. Seriously -- Me knitting a hat without using the 'dreaded double-pointed needles of doom' ! So Cool !!)
  • Pink wool yarn -- for a future felted project for a certain little girl I know.
  • Marble yarn to finish the afghan I'm working on just for me.
  • Some fun variegated yarn -- which might become a 'boy' hat.
  • New Bryspun needles because I love the points.
  • Small project bag decorated with birds in flight -- I'm getting to be a sucker for birds.

The 'therapy' was a success -- my spirit was lifted and my attitude greatly improved. Why - just this week, I smiled at our computer tech guy. But, I'm telling you --- before I'm on speaking terms with MicroSoft Tech support again -- I'm going to need a lot more 'therapy' !!!