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Monday, September 14, 2009

Can't believe I really did it . . . . .

My very first 'Pumpkin Hat' !!
I'm so pleased and proud all at the same time -- because, I made a hat and it's so cute I can hardly stand it.
After struggling for 2 years with the whole knitting with the 'dreaded double-pointed needles of doom' -- I tried using two circular needles to 'knit in the round' (thank you Jane for that amazing tip). That did it -- something in my poor dyslexic brain clicked and this summer, I made a hat for Laney. Now, mind you, it was entirely too big -- but, I had the technique down.
Then last month I made a little pink/brown hat and it fit just fine. Which made me buy a skein of orange yarn (Plymouth Encore) and immediatly start knitting a pumpkin. For the base of the hat I used my notes from the 2nd hat (written in my handy-dandy spiral notebook that's all pink and zebra print - keeping notes in a cool notebook makes me think I'm stylish). I finished this bitty pumpkin hat over the weekend and my only bobble was on the stem. In order to knit the I-Cord stem, I had to consult at least three knitting books before I found instructions I could actually understand.
But, I did it --
and isn't it cute ?
Did I ask you that already ???
P.S. I've already cast-on another hat