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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

20% Off -- and, much more . . . . .

See this neat bundle of fabric below ?
I know it looks like fabric  --
it's actually a 20% off coupon  and so much more. 

This past week, our local quilt shop sent out a notice of a unique sale.  In emails to their customers, they made this offer:  bring in a fabric donation to the Quilting Guilds for use in their charity quilting projects and get 20% off all cut fabric.   My friend Nancy immediately sent out another email calling all the Stitcher Gals to rally round this worthy cause (and get some great deals on fabric too!).

Saturday morning we all met at the shop - did our part to fill a large box with donations, oooh-aaaahed over the holiday prints, wandered all through the shop debating the merits of florals vs polka-dots, scoped out out the new fabric lines, fondled the fat quarters, tried out new quilting toys --  it was wonderful.  And, with our donations on that day, we were doing our part to add some warmth & care in someone's life -- by way of a hand-made quilt. 

As my friend Linda says,
'It's always a good feeling when you can help others.' 

I'd like to amend that by saying this:
'If you can help someone and walk out with some pretty cool prints at 20% off  -- that's a good feeling for everyone!'

My 20% off fabrics -
Aren't they pretty ?