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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The birdhouse and the yellow roses . . . . .

Sun, wind and weather in general have an effect on everything here on the Southern Plains. Cold winters and hot summers can leave their mark on people and things -- this little birdhouse, tucked next to my favorite rose bush, has seen many seasons here in Oklahoma.
It's paint is fading away and the wood is splitting -- but it's still a charming addition to my flower bed and it can bring a smile to my face whenever I'm out in the garden.
The birdhouse may be a little worn -- but, that's part of its beauty. All those little nicks and scrapes and wear and tear are signs that it's been well loved -- twice so far.
You see, I'm the second owner of this little house -- its first owner was my dear friend (and sister of the heart), LB. The house graced her garden here in Oklahoma and I have fond memories of seeing it among her flowers.
When LB and her husband relocated to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, she passed the little birdhouse on to me. And, I like to think it likes its new home.
The birdhouse now lives in my front flower bed, next to my yellow rose bush. I have many roses in my garden but this yellow rose is my favorite - it blooms all summer and my desk at work often holds a vase filled with fragrant blooms from this rose bush.

I wonder if the birdhouse knows that it's first owner also is the same person who gave me this rose bush?

Perhaps that's the reason they look so perfect together!