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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Their child . . . . . .

I had my blog entry today all blocked out in my head - even have pictures of tiny dolls wearing little bitty aprons from my Stitchers meeting last night. But, that entry will have to wait.

There are many parents this morning who are numb with shock.

They have lost a child.

I know these young people who died yesterday were not in the strictest sense 'children' -- but to a parent, they were still their child.
  • The child that they brought home from the hospital with such hope and joy.
  • The child they watched grow from a baby to a toddler, walking around on wobbly legs.
  • The child who shyly held onto their hand as they both stepped into that first classroom together.
  • The child who needed their help with homework, earning scouting badges, chores around the house and science projects.
  • The child, in cap and gown, who walked to a podium to accept a high school diploma.
  • The child they helped move into a college dorm room.
  • The child they will make funeral arrangements for this week . . . .

My heart aches for families of all of the victims -- they will need our prayers today and for many days to come.