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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Traveling Companion

By many standards, my daily commute to work is not bad.

On a good day, it's around 15 minutes -- on the days when every maintenance/construction crew in the city is between my home and the office -- my commute can be over 30 minutes.

I know that even on the 30 minute commute days, it's not bad. And, I shouldn't whine about it -- but, you see, I don't like to wait for anything (just ask my husband).
To that end, over the past few years I've found that my work day will start and end better if I have a 'traveling companion'.

A companion that is both soothing and entertaining.

This is my current companion.

Don't you think he is cute in a Midwestern-Wobegon sort of way??

His wonderful voice has filled my car with tales of parenthood late in life, hiking the grand canyon, becoming an Episcopalian, and learning to treasure the simple joys of life.

I will be sorry to return him to the library.

Maybe they have more of his works on CD -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed !