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Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation Days

Many people make big plans for their vacation time. They head to places that are exotic or touristy (is that even a word?) Places with lots of sun, lots of other people. and expensive hotels and restaurants.

Well, that's not for me -- I have more fun (and rest much better) if I stay in my own home.

I'm back from spending 5 days at home, doing nothing special -- just piddling as my Grandma used to say.

While on vacation, I did a little of this . . . .

And some of this . . . . .

I spent some quiet time with these . . . .

And, some fun time with this little person

It was a very relaxing and refreshing 5 days and I didn't come back to work with a sunburn or an empty wallet.

Now, I just need to un-bury my desk !!