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Friday, August 10, 2007

Kansas Trip: Day Three

This day was our last day and we had so much to do before we could head south. Our day began with a breakfast of waffles and fresh fruit prepared by my son and it was delicious. Then it was time to shower and dress for the day and also load our car. My son helped with the loading and wondered why it takes so many bags for just two women on a three day trip -- men, they just don't understand !

Before we left KC, we followed my son and his family to the mall for a 1/2 birthday celebration for grand-daughter #2, Phoebe. Her birthday is in December, close to Christmas and because of that -- she celebrates her birthday with a couple of her little friends in the summer. This year Phoebe and two of her friends would be 'building a bear'

After chosing the 'bear skin' and placing a tiny red heart inside,
you must help with adding the stuffing --
Phoebe worked pretty hard to get all that fluffy stuffy inside her bear !

After your bear is completly stuffed to your liking
(not too hard, not too soft -- but, just right),
it's time to give your bear a wash and blow-dry !

When all the bears were stuffed, washed/dried, and duly hugged and kissed by little girls, it was time for a ride on this beauty . . . . .

A double decker French Carrousel !

Phoebe and her friends rode on the top level and Baby Chloe and I rode on the bottom level inside a carriage complete with prancing horses. As the lights flashed and we twirled round and around -- I watched Phoebe, her friends and the baby -- seeing their faces filled with joy and delight was such a wonderful experience.

The carrousel ride was soon over and so was our time in KC.
Hugs and kisses were exchanged along with one last cuddle for the baby;
and, we were out of the mall, in the loaded vehicle,
and heading out of KC toward I-35 South.
Our KC Trip was a good one -- but was over.
We had three days of family/grandbabes and
lots and lots of talking/laughing together.
Our trip may have been only three days -
but, it was filled with many moments and when it all comes down to it - - -
we may not remember the days - - -
but, we treasure the 'moments' .
Note: As we drove through the green pastures of Kansas I tried to snap a photo and instead got a picture of not only the Kansas scenery -- but also something that kept me occupied during the drive - knitting a baby blankie for our next grandbaby. I think it's a cool picture and who knows if I could ever re-create it again.