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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kansas Trip: Day Two

A trip to the local farmer's market for daughter, daughter-in-law and myself started our day. Daddy had volunteered to stay home with the girls and we women gladly took advantage of his generous offer. Strolling up and down the aisles, we purchased fresh blackberries & peaches, watermelon, honey and peach butter.

After loading our farm-fresh goodies in our vehicle, my daughter-in-law suggested we check out some shops close by -- she didn't have to bend our arms to convince us either!

We visited a free-trade shop with wares for all over the globe, a spice shop and an antique shop (note to the owners of this little shop: if you could be bothered to greet your customers as they enter, you just might make a sale or two -- just a little suggestion).

But the favorite shop was this one:

The cutest little yarn shop ever -- filled with row after row of bins of color.

For the past two years, my free time as been taken over by knitting and I simply can't pass a yarn shop by without going in and checking out all their supplies. As we walked through the door, my daughter-in-law just happened to mention that she would love to learn to knit.

Well, before she knew it I was buying her first set of knitting needles (wooden, size 10 1/2). Then, with much discussion of felted purses with the friendly staff, my d-i-l had purchased her very first skein of wool yarn in a golden brown color.

If I can't get my daughter into knitting, a d-i-l is the next best thing !!

With all our treasures (fruits and knitting supplies) we headed home to further adventures of the babysitting variety, while my son and his wife had a date night just to themselves; and, I had an evening playing 'Lucky Ducky' with Phoebe and some chasing after a crawling baby. I seemed to have forgotten that they can crawl faster than you can run !!