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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To market - To market

Whenever I think of going to our local Farmer's Market I think of the children's poem:

To market, to market to buy a fat pig

Home again, home again jigedy jig

Well, we might not have bought a pig -- but, we certainly bought our fair share of the local produce offered.

Our first purchase was a bag of these - - -

I seriously thought of having boiled okra, but then thought - nah -- so, later that day, I just tossed them in a little corn-meal/flour and fried them up.

It was so good -- and reminded me of all those summer meals my Mom used to make -- entirely of vegetables from the garden and a large skillet of cornbread, hot right out of the oven. Makes my mouth water, just thinking about it.

While Willie Jay was paying for the okra I looked to my left and saw this - -

A spinning wheel -- someone was actually spinning wool into yarn. After watching the wheel in action, I now know why hand-spun yarn is so expensive -- it takes a lot of wool (which has to be sheared, cleaned and cleaned and then combed just to get ready to spin) and also patience to spin yarn. No, I didn't buy any yarn - it would have taken our entire market budget money just for one small skein -- need to save my pennies up for my next visit to the market.

By the way - notice the shoes under the chair? The 'spinner' was male !

After petting and fondling the yarns, I finally pulled myself away from the yarn and we made our way around the market barn to find a booth selling herbs and bedding plants. She also had a display of handmade cards that were simply beautiful.

In the above picture she is explaining to process of creating your own paper -- Willie Jay was very interested in the process and as we were walking away, he said he just might try his hand at that craft. Perhaps we will have some of our very own handmade paper in the future.

On our way back to the car, we made a stop at the tomato tent -- it was a very busy place.

Tomorrow - more 'market' goodies of the organic variety