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Friday, January 18, 2008

Solar powered ???

We have two cats. The younger one is black and is something of a bimbo - a very lovable bimbo, but a bimbo she is none the less. But, I'll go on and on about Libby in another post.

The older cat, Muffin, is an American Tabby with beautiful markings and I would love to say she has a sweet disposition -- but I cannot. She's very fussy about everything from the temperature of the water in her bowl -- to the freshness of her canned food -- to just exactly how she likes to be scratched under her chin for just the right amount of time or she will give you a little nip of her teeth - not enough to break the skin, but enough to let you know that she's done with you and your slobbering attention to her person. She is a 'grande dame' and very much aware of proprieties -- which is way I was very surprised last weekend when I walked into our front hall and saw this - - - The only thing I could think of was -- has my cat has been channeling Britney Spears !!
Or could it be that she's 'solar powered' and was merely 're-charging' ??? !!!
Life is never dull when you have cats in the house !!