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Thursday, March 13, 2008

'Sew' many projects -- 'Sew' little time !

Last night, after work, I actually sat at my sewing machine for a couple of hours -- no, it's not what you're thinking. It was mending/sewing I was doing -- the mending pile was getting too large to continue moving around -- so the mending had to be done. Because, you see, I wanted a clean sewing table to begin working on some new sewing projects:

Like cutting out squares for a Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt for baby Laney. Don't you just love these colors/prints ?? I also have all that 'chicken' fabric for a another quilt to make for Laney to use at daycare - -

Then there is the idea of making an attempt at some little clothes for baby Laney. I haven't done any of that type of sewing, except for pj pants for Joe, since Laney/Joe's Mommy was little and that's been a few years ago. So, this should be either 'fun/entertaining' or 'not-so-fun/hair-pulling-out-hissy fits' I do hope it turns out to be the 'fun' type of sewing and not the other type! - - -

AND, today I get a picture of this little doll made by my friend, Linda -- isn't she the cutest little thing !! The pattern is on the Martha Stewart website (which I've already printed out and Linda has given me the inside scoop on the directions). I can't wait to make one for all my grand-daughters - -