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Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Post-Card: Music-Busy Bag-True Corners-Pink Creations

Summer always means lots of outdoor concerts for Willie Jay and I. In fact, our very first date was an outdoor concert: Jazz N June in Norman, OK. And, we try to go back to that concert every year as weather/time premits. Lately we've been enjoying different artists/types of music at our local 'Concerts in the Park'. This week, we had a jazz combo playing to a very receptive crowd. (Please forgive the dark picture, it was dusk and overcast). The weather was so nice - cloudy and cool. There were toes tapping and children dancing -- so much fun. Hubby loves these concerts and I've learned that I can 'multi-task' while I listen to the music.
Here's my current 'Concert Bag' -- loaded with the necessities:
Off Bug Repellant, hand-held fan, band-aids/hand wipes, book & book-light, cell phone, money (there's an ice cream truck on the grounds -- whoo hooo !!), knitting (cotton dish-cloth, the perfect summer knit project), and a small needlework project or two. Depending on the 'venue' this bag might also contain drinks and munchies too. We believe in enjoying the concert but also coming prepared.

Summer has also brought another project to our house --
enlarging my sewing 'corner' and making it a 'true corner' by the addition of another table. Now I can sew on one table and cut on the other -- such an improvement. I've spent evenings this week getting this 'corner' organized -- which is fancy word for cleaning out and tossing those things that are never going to happen anyway. Now it's all ready and I can't wait to take it for a test run. For anyone who wants to know what's playing on my little TV -- it's my new favorite program: Jon & Kate + Eight --- something about watching someone else deal with 8 children (twins and toddler sextuplets) is very entertaining!

But, before the addition of the new table to my sewing corner, I did manage to create something for Baby Laney -- in pink, of course.
Something soft and cuddly - - - -

Details: Simple flannel 4-patch blankie with matching Doll Blankie made from the scraps (and so much fun to make!).

I'll send another 'Post-Card' in a couple of weeks.

Now, go have some 'Summer Time Adventures' !!