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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MoMo has a 'Brand New Bag'

I confess --I have an addiction -- and, my family for the most part tolerates that addiction fairly well.
You see -- I love tote bags -- and, I collect tote bags. Large bags -- small bags -- bags from Australia with kangaroos on the side and bamboo handles -- bags from my local yarn shop -- bags from my daughter's school reading program. Lots and lots of tote bags.

Which leads to the subject of this post ( by the way -- my sincere apologies to James Brown for this post title ). This past Saturday I attended a knitting class from 10am to 3pm and of course, with my addiction, I desired a new tote bag just for this class. I really fought the urge on the days leading up to Saturday -- but Friday night (at 8pm) -- I gave in and made myself a new tote bag.

It's a compulsion I know -- but, I enjoyed every moment of the creating process. And, a little over an hour later -- I had me a brand new bag !! Just look at that retro 'stitching' fabric (on sale from my local quilt shop) and the black print and the brick red print -- they all look so cute together.

And, it has handy-dandy pockets inside.

But now, in accordance with my hubby's rules -- I need to get rid of one of my existing tote bags in order to allow this tote bag to reside in our house.
You know I said my family tolerated my addiction --
I didn't say there weren't rules !!!!