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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Yellow VW Bug . . . .

On my daily commute to/from work, I see the same vehicles on almost a daily basis. That sort of thing happens when you have worked in the same area for 25 years. People, like me, heading into work around the I-40/Meridian area of the City every day. After awhile, you begin to wonder what sort of people those other drivers might be - - - -
Lately I've been seeing this very cute yellow VW Bug Convertible.
The driver is a woman; but, I wonder what sort of woman she is ?
Maybe those stickers on the back of the car will give me clue - - - -
O. My. !!
By reading her bumper stickers, she looks like an interesting kind of person -- very 'up front' with her views and I like that. Maybe the next time I see her driving by, I'll honk & wave. We two gals could go for coffee and discuss the need for yearly mammograms or what the Barbie doll has done to the self-image of girls for the past 40 years. That's a nice thought -- but, I probably won't ever honk. I will continue to smile every time I see her little VW Bug --and, I might even give her a little wave because I admire her spirit and wish that I were brave enough to put my views out there on my bumper !