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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother Nature, passing through . . . . .

A couple of nights ago, I was standing in my driveway trying to get a photo of the sunset -- it was one of those 'technicolor' sunsets we are blessed with here in Oklahoma. All soaring clouds, every shade of gold & orange you can imagine; then I happened to glance over my shoulder to the North and saw this - - - - -

Very angry clouds -- but also amazing in their own way. Wish my camera could have captured the play of colors as these clouds boiled and rolled over us. They were in a hurry and only dropped a little rain on us -- they were saving the 'big show' of 5 tornadoes for destinations further south. Lots of damage to property but no serious injuries - and, for that we are thankful. According to our local weather-wizards, we have a few more days of unsettled weather and then we'll have some hot sunny spring weather. I know I'm looking forward to it.